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13 Dec 2023
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Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is renowned for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and a plethora of outdoor activities. While the beach itself beckons with the promise of relaxation and seaside fun, there's an exhilarating world beyond the boardwalk waiting to be discovered by biking enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, Virginia Beach boasts a network of biking trails that will not only get your heart racing but also unveil the city's best-kept secrets


1. Cape Henry Trail

The lengthiest path within First Landing State Park measures 7.5 miles, extending from the park's northern boundary to the southernmost entry along Atlantic Avenue. The Cape Henry Trail, running parallel to Shore Drive and open to both cyclists and pedestrians, meanders through a quaint coastal community where contemporary renovations peacefully coexist with traditional saltboxes. For bird enthusiasts seeking a close encounter, the flat trail, shaded by live oak and pine trees, proves ideal, offering opportunities to observe ospreys, egrets, and possibly even the rare eagle. Progressing through the park, the trail traverses the serene Narrows beaches before converging at the northern terminus of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Opting for a more comfortable journey, we recommend utilizing mountain bikes.


2. Sand Ridge Trail

False Cape State Park provides a selection of 15 hiking and biking trails, varying in difficulty and length, offering diverse opportunities to explore one of the last pristine natural areas on the eastern seaboard. The Sand Ridge Trail, the lengthiest and most demanding route at 6.2 miles, guides cyclists from the park's entrance to the North Carolina state border. For dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, we recommend embarking on the exploration of all 15.3 miles of park trails, which present panoramic views encompassing ocean and bay beaches, dunes, maritime forests, marshes, and woodland swamps in a single, comprehensive journey.

3. Pungo Loop Trail

Because of its minimal traffic and stunning views of vineyards, strawberry fields, and streams, the Pungo cycling loop is beloved by locals. It is recommended to begin and end this cycling loop at the Red Mill Commons area, catering to both beginners and seasoned century riders. Given that the initial water stop is situated over 15 miles into the ride, ensure you carry an ample water supply for this 19.84-mile loop.

4. Virginia Beach Boardwalk 

Cyclists can enjoy a serene beachfront ride on their beach cruisers, free from the need to navigate through traffic or dodge pedestrians, thanks to designated biking and walking paths. For a classic Virginia Beach experience, consider renting a four-wheeled surrey bike and embark on a lively ride with your entire family. Convenient rental stations along the promenade make it easy to transition from the beach to your bike. Another favorite activity is cruising along the three-mile Boardwalk on our preferred beach cruiser bikes. For a more challenging and cooperative adventure, tandem beach cruisers are available near the shoreline. Whether you choose to explore the entire Boardwalk or simply hop from one stop to another, this remains one of our cherished bike rides in Virginia Beach.

5. Independence Boulevard Trail

The 3.5-mile paved Independence Boulevard Trail is divided into two sections that run alongside S. Independence Boulevard. The northern segment commences at Green Meadows Drive, adjacent to Mount Trashmore Park, and extends to Lynnhaven Mall through the Lynnhaven Parkway Trail. On the other hand, the southern trail, originating from the Salem Road Trail at Independence Boulevard west, leads to the Stumpy Lake Natural Area, featuring a 278-acre lake with a raised overlook.


6. Lynnhaven Parkway Trail

Stretching more than six miles, the Lynnhaven Parkway Trail leads to the Lynnhaven Mall's retail offerings. All skill levels and types of bikes may easily ride this paved track, which is accessible via the Independence Boulevard track, Salem Road Trail, and Rosemont Road Trail.

7. Lake Trashmore Loop 

The 1.9-mile Lake Trashmore Loop in Mount Trashmore Park is a short and simple bike route suitable for riders of all ages and skill levels. Open year-round, this rarely used loop provides a variety of activities.


8. Marshview Park 

A segment of the decommissioned Musquodoboit railroad, repurposed as part of the Trans Canada Trail, is recognized as the Salt Marsh Trail. This trail offers a relaxed experience for both cyclists and hikers, and during winter, it becomes a favorite among cross-country skiers. For some individuals seeking a brief but exciting stroll, a quick 1.0 km jaunt to the initial bridge and back is an option. Bikers and pedestrians can relish stunning vistas, inhale the coastal breeze, and observe the expansive salt marsh. For those seeking a more challenging endeavor, there's the choice of a 13-kilometer round trip or a 6.5-kilometer one-way journey. The trail surface, predominantly flat, consists of a blend of gravel and crusher dust. Markers placed at every kilometer facilitate easy tracking of your progress along the route.


Whether you pedaled along the iconic Boardwalk or embraced the serenity of First Landing State Park, these trials will excite you. The rhythmic sound of the ocean, the rustle of leaves in maritime forests, and the vibrant energy of the city – all captured in the spokes of your bicycle. Book your outdoor adventure with Atkinson Realty Vacations today!