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3 Jun 2024
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Each year, we have a special reason to celebrate the ocean in all its glory—it’s National Ocean’s Month! Here at Atkinson Realty Vacations, we have so much to be thankful for, and the Atlantic Ocean (and Chesapeake Bay) is a big part of that. From providing jobs, a diverse ecological landscape, and carving out our shoreline to giving us serene and peaceful waves, we are ready to celebrate. Here are some ways you can celebrate while with us!

Enjoy Locally (and Sustainably) Sourced Seafood 

One of the best things about being in Virginia Beach is the daily access to premium, fresh-caught seafood. We pride ourselves on working with the ocean and the bay to create sustainable food systems that will nourish us for future generations. Many restaurants also take tremendous pride in building relationships with local fishermen, crabbers, reefer keepers, and more to harvest fresh seafood to serve in their establishments. You can genuinely taste the difference and feel the pride of work.

No Litter on the Beach 

Whether you’re vacationing in the resort district or the North End, you’ve probably seen an anti-littering sign (or thee). We locals take no littering on the beach pretty seriously; not only is it bad for the environment, then eventually makes its way to the water, but who wants to go to the beach covered in trash? Call us considerate, but we care how our fair city looks and want to ensure it stays clean for all.

(Photo courtesy of the Keep It Beachy Clean Instagram) 

Double your impact during your stay with us, and recycle your plastic beach toys! On several beaches, you’ll see colorfully decorated bins with the logo “keep it beachy clean.” It’s a terrific program that prevents plastic boys from ending up in landfills, so on your last day, drop your plastic toys into the bins for another family to use. Reduce, reuse, and recycle comes to life!

Visit the Aquarium

Photo courtesy of the Virginia Aquarium on Instagram 

No beach vacation is complete without a Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center trip. Not only is it a fun half-day trip for the entire family not far from the resort district, but it is also highly educational regarding local Virginia wildlife and our diverse ecosystems. You can even take your trip one step further and immerse yourself in the experience by booking a dolphin-watching boat tour. Led by field experts, you’ll learn about sea turtles, birds, and some unique fish species while on a picturesque boat ride through Rudee Inlet and into the ocean. 

We are thrilled to celebrate National Oceans Month and hope you join us in the various festivities.